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I’m Sorry, Who Are You Again? (An Identity Crisis /Reintroduction in Three Parts)

29 Mar

So, there will be no apologies for the fact that I haven’t updated the blog in over a year. (cough.cough.wow. Really?A YEAR?) Instead, I will re-introduce myself, fill you in on what has been going on in the past year, and give a rough outline for where I hope this blog will go from here on out.

PART 1 – The Re-introduction:

Hello there! I am The Read Queen (pronounced red, as in past tense – things I have already read, not things I am “reeding,” and yes, like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. But WAY nicer, I promise.) This blog was intended to be a literary blog, or a bookblog, if you will. I had imagined it as a forum for all that I read – a place where I could just riff on whatever aspects of my current reading material caught my fancy. It would be a forum for my journey through Grad School, a business card for my attempts to break into academia. And it was. Mostly.

I just reread through the entire blog, and I have to say, I have more posts on here than I thought I did, and over a wide range of subjects. I am pleased with where the blog has been. But really, that was a long time ago – I was having a conversation over dinner the other night with my husband, and I mentioned that I couldn’t even remember how The Picture of Dorian Gray ended. I mean, I remembered the main point, but I couldn’t remember the particulars. (I also remembered that I wanted to talk about the character of Sibyl, and how I have a theory that her character was more the Devil to Dorian than any other possibility. Alas, I have since forgotten the proof for that pudding, so I would have to actually reread the book. Additionally, I remember being really fascinated by the use of flowers in the novel, and wanted to further pursue the correlation between the meaning of the different flowers referenced and their appearance in the book.)

My point being, that there is obviously a huge gap in time here – in my last post I was just starting the novel. Now I can’t remember the details. That brings me to:

Part 2 – What Rock Have I Been Hiding Under? That Mossy Green One, If You Must Know.

…coming soon.

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