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The Hunger Games / Week 5

11 Jul

Welcome to the Read Along of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Each Monday we will discuss new chapters. If you are interested in participating, check out the schedule here. Happy Reading!

The Girl Who Was on Fire is literally on fire. How fitting.
I have to say, this is the section of the book that really pulls me in. From the fire, to the tracker jackers, to the alliance with Rue, I am just pushed along in the story. It’s fun, really…and it creates momentum that keeps me eager to see what else is going to happen.

I was not expecting such a vivid and horrific hallucination scene. I mean, sure. This is a book about kids being forced to kill each other, so yeah. The basic framework of the book is dark as hell. But I was not prepared for hallucinations of ants eating eyeballs and skin just melting off of a dead body. Can’t WAIT to see how they handle this stuff in the movie. Are they shooting for a PG-13 rating?

And I KNEW Peeta wasn’t a snake. I still wonder what his actual plan is, but I know it isn’t to harm Katniss. I mean, the dude risked his life to save her. This is setting up a very interesting dynamic for later on when they must face each other and fight. Same thing goes for Rue too. But I suspect that Rue is going to get killed off by someone other than Katniss. I don’t think they will actually get to the point where they would have to face each other. The character of Rue is too young and innocent and sympathetic to have it any other way. If it IS any other way, color me surprised.

Oh, and can I just say…DAMN YOU TWILIGHT! Stupid stupid sparkly vampires ruin everything. During Katniss’s hallucination, she describes Peeta as “sparkling in the sun.” Pssshht. Way to ruin the scene for me. Any other word would have been fine. Well. Not really. Glittering wouldn’t have worked either.
And I get it. They had to jump in water to avoid being totally decimated by tracker jackers. But it really sucks that Twilight  has ruined the image of any guy sparkling in the sun from here on out. Thanks alot Stephanie Meyers.

And one last note: I have been reading this book aloud to TinyOne. A few pages here and there. (Soon I will have to start paying attention to WHAT I am reading her, but for now what matters is the act.) There is a strange disconnect, reading a book like this in a singsong voice.

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