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SOC Sunday / Hummingbirds

28 Aug

It’s SOC Sunday again! What follows is five minutes of unedited, uninterrupted writing, hosted by all.things.fadraIf you want more info on the details of SOC Sundays, or want to take part yourself, hit the button at the end of the post:

It’s a hummingbird kinda day. I am SO GLAD that I waited unti lthe end of the day t do my SOC this week, because what happened today is so noteworthy in its simple little beauty.

I have never seen a hummingbird. THat is, until today. My husband was standing at our front door with TinyOne and in a hushed, excited whisper he said “oooh, Honey, come here! Quick!” So up I get and rush to the door, and he points out a tiny hummingbird that was flitting on the sunflowers. Then it came over and sniffed our gladiolas, and our hydrangeas, moving here and there and zooming and whizzing about. It was adorable. So I got to see my first hummingbird. And not just fleetingly. This little guy hung out by our flowers for like, 10 minutes! And then I got to see my second hummingbird when his friend joined him at the gladiolas. and the danced with each other for a second before going their separate ways.

Amazing enough as it is, right? Well, this evening we were in the hot tub at the in-laws, and I saw a small figure hovering up near the roof. A hummingbird. And if I hadn’t seen the ones earlier, I would not have recognized this third little guy. So then he zooms down to where we were and hangs out by the goldenrods by the pond. So I got to see THREE hummingbirds today, when before today I had never seen a single live one.

Oh, and you know the Bing homepage? Well guess what the picture is today? Yup. A hummingbird.


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