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An Apology to a Neglected and Lonely Blog

25 Oct

How fitting.

It is 3 months to the day since I have last posted on here, and today I decide to revisit and nurture my long neglected project. It isn’t that I have been gallivanting about town without a thought in the world to my poor blog left all alone on the internet with no one to talk to. It isn’t even that I lost my love for the project that I started. Quite the contrary. Everything I have seen and read over the past 3 months has inspired a thought that sparked a post. They just never quite made it onto the screen.

I liken it to a classic case of taking on a new responsibility, and then trying to figure out how to fit that into the reality that already exists. I took on the responsibility of this blog, and then my reality as I knew it ended its summer vacation. So I have missed you, blog, but you have not been far from my thoughts. And I promise to never leave for that long again without so much as a word.

For now, a picture of the glorious end-of-summer vacation:

Descartes on Lake Michigan

That is Descartes, and that water that is lapping around my chair and ankles is Lake Michigan. And that indescribable calm? That would be bliss.

‘Till tomorrow…

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