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SOC Sunday / Waters

3 Jul

It’s SOC Sunday again! What follows is five minutes of unedited, uninterrupted writing, hosted by all.things.fadraIf you want more info on the details of SOC Sundays, or want to take part yourself, hit the button at the end of the post:

Right now (Saturday), it is hot outside. I mean HOT. It was well into the 80’s at 9:30 in the morning, so the thermomenter had nowhere to go but up. And it is days like todya that I really really miss living back east.

I grew up in the “Gateway to the Berkshires.” It was gorgeous. There were trees everywhere. Mountains and hills just covered with them. I could hop in my car and travel 5 minutes in almost any direction and be in what felt like  the middle of nowhere. Hiking was mandatory and enjoyable. Some of the best camping was literally in your own bakc yard (or your friend’s). And the rivers, streams and waterfalls. THOSE are what I miss on days like today. I miss waking up to hot mornings like this one and deciding to just pack a bag and take off to the nearest watering hole, where I would spend the day with a book.

And usually they weren’t crowded with people. Everyone had their “spot” that they knew of and no one outside that circle of friends  was the wiser. Cool, babbling brooks located in the middle of the woods…where the temperature always felt 20 degrees cooler. A friend’s house (who owned a boat) on the local lake. Waterfalls that you could climb on, located in a town so small it consisted of 6 houses. Ropes swings And bridges you could jump off of into the waters below. (Although I never had the nerve for that part. Afraid of heights.)

So yeah. That is what I miss about living back east. The landscape. And the WATER. The cool forests and the even cooler waters.


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