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Bird Watching

27 May

These birds are multi-colored, with dazzling patterns on their wings and heads. If there are 1,000 of these birds together, it is considered to be extremely good luck. I don’t have 1,000 of them, but I do have a fair amount:
So I finally finished the mobile for the baby. The different parts have been finished since before she was born, I just had to assemble them.


Origami Paper




Small screw hooks

Planter Chain

I used a 40% off coupon for the origami paper, and I had the needle and thread already. The branch I got from outside, and I did pay full price for the hooks and chain. But final total was less than…………….drum roll please……………… Ten Dollars. I think it came to about eight dollars and some change.

The original plan was to sand down the branch and spray paint it gloss white, for a more modern touch. Once I had it sanded down though, I fell in love with the natural look so I left it. Additionally, I was going to string beads and bells onto it (using fishing line), but then I realized that if anything were to happen and one of the lines came undone, it would be an evil shower of chocking hazard raining down upon the baby. So yeah, I left that stuff off!

I do have a bunch of birds and paper left, so I may make one of the fancy beaded ones for my bedroom.

I love the shadows it casts on the wall. (I just noticed it looks like there is a gap in it, but I think it is just the angle..it may have been at the end of a twirl when I took the picture.)

I hope the little chipmunk likes it. She doesn’t sleep in her crib yet, but I have seen her checking it out a few times from her changing table. I know she enjoyed looking at the birds twirling around when I was stringing them yesterday, so I have a good feeling about it. My little ornithologist in the making.

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