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DIY Project / Sphere Lamp

20 Jul

You know the old joke about two people moving in together, and one of them (usually the guy) has an item of furniture that is just so fugly and horrendous that it ends up on the curb…except the guy has such an attachment to it that he says “if the recliner/velvet painting/deer head/whathaveyou goes, I GO!” Well, in our house it was a lamp.

No not that lamp. (That lamp is AWESOME in its wit and humor)

It was this lamp:

So, in his defense, it was the lines and the shape of the lamp that he really liked, and I get that. The base of it had potential. But I didn’t know what to do with it or where to put it so that it would look…better, you know? And I couldn’t get rid of it, so we shifted it around the house for a few years, always putting in a place that where it wasn’t really on display. Until now.

I took it apart, cleaned it up, spray painted it and got a fancy new shade for it. Now the lamp is beloved by both of us, and it sits in a very prominent place in our living room:

So what about you? Is there an item that your beloved partner or family member just adores that you abhor? Have you found a way to work with it or around it, or is it still mocking you?

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