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Good & Tasty Tuesday / Leftovers & Raw

5 Jul

Have you eaten something that is both delicious and nutritious? It’s Good & Tasty Tuesday! Hosted by the Stay At Home Babe. Wanna take part? Hit the button at the bottom of the post for the rules and the link up!

Well all right then! Last week I posted about how disappointed I was with my diet (not diet, as in dieting, but diet, as in overall consumption of food.) So this week was better. Much better.

I am going to post about Leftovers Night because I actually have pictures of it. So there ya have it.
I made Mexican Stuffed Peppers, except without the Mexican part. You see, we had “taco night” the night before (except it was with Textured Vegetable Protein, because I don’t eat ground beef. And since I am off dairy, I had my soy cheese. Hence, the quotes), and I was planning on stuffing the peppers with the leftover TVP mixture and the various fixin’s that we hadn’t finished the night before. So I whipped up some Couscous, added diced tomatoes and chili powder. Then I went to get the rest of the stuff and saw that we had WAY less than I had thought.

So it ended up being Spicy Couscous Stuffed Peppers. We topped one pepper each with the TVP mix from the night before, and dolloped each of them with cheese, avocado, and sour cream. (I had sour no-cream, which is pretty tasty!) I baked the stuffed peppers in the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. Super easy, and they can be stuffed with anything, really. Pulled ’em outta the oven when they were done, laid them on a bed of lettuce drizzled with garlic oil, and….dinner.

It felt like a real meal…not like leftovers night. And it was healthy to boot!

I feel like I should also do a quick mention about my first foray into raw food. I have been really really curious about raw food for a while, but haven’t tried it. Until Now! Husband and i went to an organic deli the other night, and I got a Sun Burger: a patty made with I forget what – various protein rich raw foodies I guess – sun-dried tomato, lettuce, cashew and macadamia cheese (which rocked!), with lettuce and tomato on a “seed bun.” The seed bun was really misleading, as it is more like a thin cracker made out of various seeds, but it was delicious.


So the verdict: It was good. I am wiling to keep experimenting with the raw food, but not ready to convert. Not yet at least. Ask me again after I am in full-on Bikram mode!

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