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SOC Sunday / Would It Be Cheating If I Planned?

31 Jul

It’s SOC Sunday again! What follows is five minutes of unedited, uninterrupted writing, hosted by all.things.fadraIf you want more info on the details of SOC Sundays, or want to take part yourself, hit the button at the end of the post:

So last week I was not able to dedicate as much time to visiting other people’s SOC posts as I would have liked. Usually I try to make it a point to visit everybody and show some love. Last week, I almost didn’t even participate, so I am glad there is that at least. I was able to make it to a few posts and I noticed a couple poeple mention that they plan their SOC’s.

I have thought of this before. I feel like soetimes my SOC’s (and my blog in general lately), tend toward the navel-gazing frivolity of random, boring crap that is interesting to only me. And sometimes I actual do go into the SOC with an idea of what I want to write about. But actually planning it? Nah. I guess that, for ME, it seems to defeat the purpose of a Stream Of Consciousness exercise. Which is something that I need, because I am the kinda gal who edits as I write. And I go back and edit again. SO pulishing these as-is posts every SUnday has really helped me loosen up in a necessary way, I think.

So I think I will leave my SOC’s alone, but I absolutely need to start planning better things for my end of week postings. I hve Sunday through Tuesdays filled with content, but Wed through Friday are in need of some real things to discuss. I need to start finding the time to actually write about books again, or write with some substance. I guess I just feel that since I am not doing cool articles on Horror Flicks or British Lit anymore, I have no real substance. Meh.

So, food for my thoughts!


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