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SOC Sunday / Challenging

24 Jul

It’s SOC Sunday again! What follows is five minutes of unedited, uninterrupted writing, hosted by all.things.fadraIf you want more info on the details of SOC Sundays, or want to take part yourself, hit the button at the end of the post:

This week has been challenging. Memorial. Funeral. Heat Wave. Power Outage. Internment of Ashes. More Heat Wave. No Power, Then Power. Then No POwer Again. Staying at the In-Laws. Then going back home when the power is restored to find out that our air conditioning is actually broken. Back to the In-laws.

So I almost didn’t do the SOC today. It would have been the first time in what, 2 months? that I hadn’t done it. Certainly the first time since I started doing it. I even sat i front of my computer at home when I had a free moment and just blanked out. The last thing I could think about was blogging.But here I am! If I let today slide then I know it would be easier next time to let it slide and I don’t want to start that habit.

So the husband and I took time for a much needed date today. Morning mojitos and then a movie to see the final Harry Potter. IT was good. the day was good, and it was so necessary. And even better, we came home to find out that TinyOne had actually taken her bottle. Voraciously so. She drank through all the milk I had left. That was great news since we had been having trouble getting her to take the bottle without a war breaking out.

Times up, and I want to take advantage of the hot tub here at casa de in-law.


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