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Go Do Something Fun

23 May

My husband is making dinner, and the peanut is chillin’ in her brand new swing, which I just picked up for her today. There were massive thunderstorms rolling through town today, and the munchkin was having a particularly nice time trying out her lungs all morning, so when the power went out I figured it was a perfect excuse to load her into the car and run errands. I took her to the local bulls-eye and picked up one of those fancy swings that has music and 6 different speeds of movement.

We had delayed getting a swing because they are just so busy these days – my husband and I longed for the hand-crank swings of our youth, or ideally one that was completely manual. We didn’t need any fancy sounds or vibrations, or glowing lights or any of that “extra” stuff.

Yeah. Well, let’s just say that now, my only issue is where to put it (it’s a big item for a cozy bungalow) and WHY, OH WHY didn’t I have one from the moment she was born? I can already tell that this thing is going to be a friend to the whole family. (And as a side note, I want one for myself! A suspended nest lined with cozy material that sways and sings me to sleep? HELL YES PLEASE.)

So all of this to say that I had so much time on my hands this evening that not only was I was able to jot out to the produce store to get veggies for dinner, but when I came back my husband actually said “Isn’t there something you can find that is fun to do?” And that brings me here, dear blog. You are my “fun to do.”

Oh, I just heard my husband ring the dinner bell. I could get used to this.

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