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Relevant To My Interests

25 May

Things that I am loving today:

COPCO COLD BEVERAGE TUMBLER. I adore my Klean Kanteens, but when I am just kicking around the house, these things rock. I can use it one handed (essential feature these days), I have to tip it upside down to actually spill anything, and my water intake has more than tripled since I started using it.

LIQUITEX ACRYLIC PAINT. Fun colors. Easy-peasy clean up for a messy girl like me.

POPCORN FLAVORED JELLY BEANS. I need them to sell bags of just this flavor. (Edit: Nevermind. As I was getting the link for this, I found that they DO sell bags of this flavor. Excited!)

BRONTË MEETS SCIENCE FICTION. No, this isn’t one of those mash-ups of robots or zombies and Nineteenth Century literature. This is “lost” works of the Brontë sisters that have been classified as Sci-Fi and are now on display at The British Library. I would love to read them and see if their classification as Science Fiction extends farther than just fictionalized lands, and influences the narrative at all.

BABY ORIGAMI CRANES. Yup. Still working on that mobile. I have all the different parts constructed (they have been ready for months now) but I just have to assemble them all together. So today I am working on stringing the cranes. It is slow going, but I am almost at the finish line with this project. A little here, a little there. I will post pictures when it is complete.

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