Must Read Monday / Art For Baby

29 Aug

I am adding a new feature to the blog! In keeping up with the read along type theme that has been going on this summer, I am introducing Must Read Mondays! A linkup style discussion of whatever may be passing in front of our eyeballs at the moment.


The classes for my MLIS program start this week, so I wish I could tell you that I have been reading the most delicious fiction before I dive head-first back into the often dry texts of academia. But I haven’t been. If I am honest with all of you I have mostly been reading Twitter. And of course the daily baby book.

So for today’s’ Must Read Monday I want to focus on a book that has no words. But that makes ZERO difference to the little reader that just goes all jumpy and excited when this book comes out. It is called Art For Baby, and it is based on the early visual skills of infants. I am sure that most of us have head that babies see in sharp contrasts – their visual skills have not been fine tuned to the point of seeing subtle shading yet. So what this lovely book has done is compiled a collection of high contrast works from different artists and bound them in a wonderfully over-sized, glossy board book.

TinyOne loves this book. She really digs putting her feet on the pictures and she enjoys trying to grab at the pictures. Lately she will help “turn the pages.” (That means that I will lift the page up for her so she can grab it and try to taste it.) When she was a newborn, I could prop the book up and she could just stare at the lovely pictures. As a bonus the book comes with print of all the pictures in the book for you to hang anywhere you like. An easier portable version of the book, if you will.

So yeah. That’s what I have been reading lately. There is a trip to the library on the agenda for today though, so I may pick up The Cookbook Collector and fit in some for fun reading before school starts. What about you? What have you read this week?


The rules:

    • Leave a comment talking about what you’ve read lately …OR… if you blog, write a post and link up.
    • Grab the button for your post to let everyone know that Mondays are Must Read!
    • To link up, click on the inLinkz button below to submit your link: Be aware that this will take you to a new page to enter your link. (The button is the goofy looking frog at the bottom of the bullet list.)
    • Visit the other Must Read peeps and show some literary love!
    • If you are on Twitter, I will do my best to get tweets with the #MustReadMonday hash-tag retweeted, along with any @replies to me about your contribution to the link-up.

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3 Responses to “Must Read Monday / Art For Baby”

  1. alishayarbrough 31 August 2011 at 3:08 PM #

    i, too, am reading twitter this week (month, if i’m honest). and some amazing work blog-wise. i miss books!

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