The Hunger Games / Week 8

1 Aug

Welcome to the Read Along of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Each Monday we will discuss new chapters. If you are interested in participating, check out the schedule here. Happy Reading!

So Katniss is just now wondering how Haymitch won the games when he was in the arena? Really? I would have thought she would have asked that question well before Prim’s name was even drawn. If he is well known throughout District 12 as both a drunk and the only resident of that district to ever have won the Games, then why in the world is this question just crossing her mind in Chapter 23?

Well, it doesn’t matter when she had the thought, because we don’t get any concrete answers. Like we still haven’t gotten any answers about the Avo girl who pointed to Katniss’s pin. Or the pin itself-no answers about that either. Or about why Cinna chose to style District 12. There are so many angles that were alluded to throughout the first part of the book, and we are running out of space! I am starting to get worried that things will not be answered. And if they aren’t answered in a smart way, in a way that is intentional and crafted, then that is fine. Welcome even. As long as these points aren’t just forgotten.

Nightlock Berries: A Blending of Nightshade and Hemlock

The demise of Foxface was pretty smart. It had been set up well, using elements previously established in the book. And once again, the main characters are saved from having to act upon a non-sympathetic execution. And it seems that is going to carry through to the final showdown. If Cato is running from something, then another element or character has just been introduced which will  spare Katniss or Peeta from having to kill. I wonder what he is running from…

One Response to “The Hunger Games / Week 8”

  1. Ephrem at 1:53 AM #

    Well I was rllaey rllaey hoping they would choose someone that LOOKED slightly like Katniss so, if they don’t dye her hair, I’m gonna be very annoyed. I must admit; she looks kinda, uh, dreamy, to be Katniss, but, um, we’ll see, I guess. (Although I was going for Hailee Steinfield (she’s a good actress (Nominated for an Academy Award at 14?) and looks like a Katniss) or Emma Roberts)

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