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I’m Sorry, Who Are You Again? (An Identity Crisis /Reintroduction in Three Parts) Cont.

31 Mar

Part 3 – Where DO we go from here?

Moving on from where I have been to discuss the much more important US. What is in store for us? What is a blog to become after all this time?

So I don’t want to totally move away from literary topics. But I realized something – I don’t always read. Sure, I would like to always be reading, but I get some pretty hardcore book hangovers, if you will. I will read something awesome, and nothing perks my interest for a while. Sure, I will try to read other books, but nothing can live up to whatever it was that just burned itself into my brain. Sometimes these hangovers last months. I admit it – I resist new novels (as I do “new music,” much to the chagrin of my musically adventurous partner.) They could be a hundred years old, but if they are new to me, I resist at first. And this resistance is so much stronger when backed by the army of a previously satisfying novel.

Ahem. Anyway, not only do I not always have something brewing in the book cauldron, but I have other things that I want to discuss, I have facets, dang it! And I want to let those facets speak if they feel the need. So with that in mind, I am going to experiment…I will write about whatever tickles my fancy and together, we shall see what that becomes. I suspect there are many ways it could go – it could be a crafting blog, a DIY blog, A “mommyblog”  (Gasp!), a never ending rant, a blog dedicated to my cat (yes, I am one of THOSE people. Say HI! His name is Dax. And he is way cooler than I am). Point is, the blog could go ANYWHERE it wants. It may decide it wants to stay in the field of Literature. And that’s fine. I am just going to let it grow and morph and we shall see what happens. Facets should be polished, not pigeon-holed.

So once again, let the journey begin…

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